Monday, November 18, 2013

Feeling stronger - GapFit Capri Review

With the exception of one, my runs lately have felt fantastic.  And strong.  Since my broken foot, I'm not sure if it's the cross training or what, but I've managed to push myself through the 10 minute mark.  Yesterday's run was four miles, at a 9:56 pace.  My best so far.

I treated myself to some new running gear last weekend too, and I am in LOVE with my new capris from the Gap.  They're called GapFit gFast Distance Sprint capris.

I have really big calves, so they do bunch up a little, because they just barely cover your knees, but I like that.  The reflective stripes are actually flattering and they have this cool raindrop effect on the back of the legs.  They wash really well and are just the right medium weight fabric.  Not thick, but not embarassingly thin.

They are even on sale on the website!  I went on Friends and Family day and got them at 30% off.  I will for sure be going back and getting more.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Patience is not my strong suit

I signed up for this race a long time ago with my friend Kari.  I ran it last year, and was able to run the whole thing (S-L-O-W-L-Y).  My mileage was where it needed to be, and we decided to do a run-walk, just in case.

It's called The Devil Made Me Do It, and people dress up.  It's a 6.66 mile race (or, a 3.33 mile race for those "less devilish").  Like a great buddy, race day Kari picked me up, costume on, ready to run.

By mile 2 my previously broken foot was screaming.  I decided to back off, and only run the 3.33 miles.  My awesome friend stuck with me.

I think it was a good decision, because I've had 4 runs since then, all pain free.  What happened??  Was it the first cold run of the season?  Did I psyche myself out?  Was it just not my day?  Later in the day, after my beloved ice bath, Kari texted me "patience grasshoppa".

Yeah.  Right.